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URGENT : Take action to defend free school meals for some of our poorest working families

The new government has just announced that it is dropping plans for primary school children from low income working families to receive free school meals. This is a terrible move which will affect families under the official poverty line. Please help us persuade Mr Gove , the Secretary of State that this is wrong. Simply click on this link to send a pre written letter. In the last year The House of Commons catering was subsidised to the tune of £6.1 million. Surely this is a better place to start with the cuts?


The School Food Trust asked Merton Parents for Better food in Schools to help them film a paint fight. Students from Poplar Primary, Rutlish, Richards and Burntwood Secondary school took part in the filming of this entertaining clip which makes the serious point that some school canteens are in dire need of a makeover. Anyone recognise the distinct voice doing the voice over?


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